I came across this note from Morgan Harper Nichols – an American Christian musician, gospel music recording artist, songwriter and guitarist – and I really like it.


I have a daughter who will be 17 in September. Her father and I think she’s beautiful, funny, smart, amazing, compassionate and very strong and tenacious. She seldom sees herself the same way. It’s my constant prayer, though, that above all things, she sees herself as a child of God, a joint heir with Christ. I pray that she always remembers who and whose she is, that she act in a manner becoming a woman of God and that she expect respect for herself and her body as such, too.

I’ve been a girl, too. I’ve been a child of God since I was 12, but I didn’t really have anyone show me what it meant to live like one. I missed so much and have so many regrets; regrets that I hope I can help my daughter avoid.

I don’t think this text is limited to just the girls out there. I think it is good for boys to hear, as well. I think it’s good for adults to consider, too. So many of us worry that we’re not doing “good enough.” We see the highlights of others lives while we look at our own behind-the-scene takes and bloopers. We worry that we’re missing something. We compare ourselves to other employees, family members, friends, neighbors – even fictional characters on television.

Spend some time in quiet. Still yourself. Listen for the Holy Spirit and expect to hear something. You’re not in this alone. And you’re meant to do great things!