When I was about 26 weeks pregnant with Sophie, I was told that my blood pressure was creating an unsafe environment for my baby. The doctors at KU Medical Center strongly suggested I be admitted immediately. They explained that I could get out to the parking lot, go into premature labor and lose the baby before I could get back into the hospital.

The problem was that I’d brought my brother along and he didn’t have a driver’s license yet, so I needed to take him back home to Atchison – a 40 minute drive. Once I got home, I figured, I could find someone to take me back to the hospital so I wouldn’t have to pay to keep my car in the hospital parking lot. I had no idea how long my stay would be.

I asked three people, and each was too busy to take me back that evening. None of them knew when they’d be available, actually. Later in the evening, a friend of mine from St. Joseph, MO called. I told him about the situation. I was starting to worry about my baby and had no idea now if I would get to the hospital in time to get the care I needed. I’d decided to take myself. David said, “Pack your bags. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that David was willing to drop everything to make the drive to Atchison to pick me up, then take me to the hospital another 40 minutes away. By the time he got to my house, it was already 11:00 pm. His drive back home to St. Joseph would be another 50 minutes or so. But 30 minutes after I hung up, there he was. I was touched that anyone could care about me that much!

But you know what? God cares about us that much.

His promise in Isaiah 58:9 NIV tells us, “Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help and he will say: “Here am I.”

Throughout Christ’s ministry, all anyone had to do was ask for healing or help, and it was done. He never even stopped to consider if the recipient deserved a miracle. He helped everyone equally.

How wondrous it is to have someone who, when you ask for help, simple says, “I’m here.” You can almost hear the gentle, comforting whisper of “Shhh….”

When you’re crying…”I’m here.”
When you’re scared…”I’m here.”
When you feel alone…”I’m here.”
When you’ve messed up so bad that you think you’re beyond hope…”I’m here.”
When you’ve been betrayed…”I’m here.”

Just look at Peter when he trusted Christ enough to walk on water toward him. With his solid hold, Jesus assured the sinking Peter. “I’m here.” his grip told him.

Friends often come and go in our life. Even lifelong friends can let us down occasionally. But God never disappoints us. He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He will never stop caring, no matter how bad the situation is. His answer will always be “Here am I.” He will sit with you as long as you need him to.

What a loving God we serve!