OK, just so you know…I have no particular interest in trains.  However, my husband likes to tease me that it’s hard to keep track of what I’m talking about because sometimes my train of thought derails.  I don’t see the problem…I’m perfectly aware of where the conversation is going!  I suspect he’s just not trying very hard to keep up with me.

Why would I start a blog?  To be honest, it seems like an absolutely arrogant thing to do.  Let’s face it:  Here I am in my sweatpants and holey flannel shirt that used to belong to my husband, assuming that someone out there might actually be interested in what I have to say about…well…anything!  This blog isn’t about any single thing in particular.  I’m not an expert on anything.  In fact, I’ve learned that when someone refers to me as a “know-it-all”, it apparently doesn’t mean I know anything at all.

So why a blog?

I love writing.  I love sharing ideas, recipes, stories, quotes, etc., so that comes naturally to me.  However, journaling does not.  Part of the trouble I seem to have with journaling is that I always have a sense of writing to an audience.  I can’t get used to the idea that I’m just putting down my thoughts for myself and can write whatever silly thing I want.  I suppose it’s a lot like walking.  I can walk around a track for exercise, but it seems like a waste of time to do all that walking and not get anywhere!

During my entire school career, there were two things my teachers insisted on:

  1. I talked too much in class, and
  2. I wasn’t living up to my potential.

The reason I talked too much in class was because my mind was bursting with ideas, and I simply couldn’t wait to share them until break time. This blog may give me the audience I need to share all those ideas I have in my head.

And the reason I wasn’t “living up to my potential” was probably because I had no idea what it looked like to live up to my potential! I showed up for class and turned in my homework. What more was there to do?

I think blogging might help me to do both. I’ve had a small taste of success in being published in Chicken Soup for the Soul books twice now, which is very encouraging to the writer in me. And I believe there is a writer in me. I don’t know how good of a writer, but I think God’s given me a talent that I have not been using.

Erma Bombeck was my favorite humorist when I was in high school, and she has a great quote:

See the source image

I’m getting off to a late start, but I had more than one teacher call me a “late bloomer”. I want to see what I’m capable of. And if I can do it in such a way as to glorify God, all the better.

Quite simply, I love words and ideas! I love the power they have when they come together just the right way. And I enjoy sharing ideas.

So right now, I have no idea how this whole thing will work out.  I do know that I’ll be learning as I go along. It could be exciting to collaborate with people I would otherwise never meet.  It would be a blessing if something I write entertains, inspires or comforts someone. Or it might just end up being a great journal for little ol’ me.  In any event, this should be fun. And if you think you might enjoy the journey, come aboard!