A gardener planted two peony bulbs side by side. In a few weeks, as expected, the first one poked a single stem through the ground. The other would soon follow, the gardener thought. But it didn’t. Many more weeks went by with no sign of life.

Then one day, to his surprise, not one but five leaf points poked through the soil at once. When the peony bloomed, its flowers were more beautiful & numerous than those of the first bulb.

John Piper said, “In every situation God is doing a thousand things that we cannot see and do not know. When God seems to have forgotten you and hope fails, don’t despair. God is at work, and someday you will see.”

I’ve been waiting nine long months for God to guide me to the job He wants me to do. In that time, God’s used me in many ways to make a difference that I couldn’t have made if I were working full-time. I believe I’ve been where God wants me.

But I think it’s time for me to have a “real” job.  You know, the kind that pays better than unemployment. I thought He was giving me that last month, but I was wrong. I trusted Him to shut the door of any room He didn’t want me to go into, and He shut it!

I wish I could say I called everyone I knew and said, “Praise God! I thought this would be a great job for me, but He has something way better planned for me!”  But I didn’t. I wasn’t happy. I cried, shouted and pouted for a few days. (OK…I fell apart!) But through it all, in spite of how I wanted to feel and how much I wanted to feel sorry for myself, I knew that I knew that I knew that I was wrong. I knew God was preparing something better for me.  I knew He was protecting me.  I just wish it was easier for me to trust Him. I wish I wasn’t so scared. I wish I knew what He was planning so I could put my stamp of approval on it! 🙂

All I can say now is, something pretty amazing must be on its way for me and my family!

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