We have three cats and two white mice.  For quite some time now, the two younger cats have been content to watch the mice in their cage like some strange curiousity.  In the safety of their cage, the mice seemed to enjoy the interaction.  In fact, from time to time, they would even try to shove their food through the side of the cage for the cats to share.  Today, apparently, their feline voyeurism was not longer sufficient for these two young thugs.

This morning, I walked into the living room to the sight of the mouse cage laying shattered on the floor, bedding everywhere.  The cats hovered over the crime scene.  The mice, however, were not in evidence.  This was disconcerting.  My deduction: They were either in hiding somewhere in the house (which wasn’t good) or their bodies had already been disposed of by the cats (which was worse).

Fortunately, this time there was a third option:  They were hiding under the little house we’d just gotten for them.  It had landed right-side up and had only a small opening which the cats couldn’t fit their grimy paws through.  I was so relieved when I saw their little pink noses and whiskers poke out through the door.  It’s probably their good fortune that the cats really only wanted to play with them and never intended to have them for dinner.

The mice are currently in a Rodent Protection Program at a safe, undisclosed location.

(Ok, they’re in my daughter’s bedroom, but don’t tell the cats!)

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