OK.  So I went to Walmart today and saw a woman with a Spongebob pinata in her cart.  Now, although I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Spongebob get the snot knocked out of him, I’ve always had to question the logic behind licensed character pinatas.  And they’re always a child’s favorite character, too.  To me, it seems a little disturbing to think of a crowd of little girls gleefully encouraging their blindfolded friend to beat the bejeezus out of a beautiful Barbie, the weapon stick bashing her in the face as she keeps the edges of her mouth curled into a perfect smile.  Her proud parents stand by with a pleased smile on their face, imagining how much joy this is bringing the children.  And for what?  A few pieces of candy!  Is that civilized?

Now, to my way of thinking, if you’re going to bash a pinata wouldn’t it make more sense to have one that looks like someone you’d actually enjoy beating?  Like maybe an ex-boyfriend, that kid who made fun of you in grade school, a telemarketer – you know, someone you absolutely loathe.  Now that would make sense! 

But Barbie?  That’s just wrong.

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